The Little Pink Pill: What You Need To Know

It seems that everyone this week has been talking about the infamous little pink pill. Officially its called a flibanserin tablet. But the new women’s libido pill made by Addyi has been dubbed the little pink pill. At first glance, on the web or advertisement, Addyi looks like it’s the Viagara for women. Pop it in and you’re ready to go, right? Wrong.

In this post, we are going to talk about what you need to know with Addyi, who it is for and if you should take it.

Little Pink Pill

It Is Not Like Viagara

Unlike viagara, which increases blood flow to the penis to get a man ready, Addyi will target the brain to increase libido by affecting brain chemicals that are linked to desire and sex. Rather than getting you ready to go, it will prepare women mentally for the dirty deed.

Read The Fine Print

Most scientists are skeptical that Addyi will be the magic bullet for low libido in women, to which Addyi has specified that it is not meant to be. They are targeting a select group of women who suffer from hypoactive sexual desire disorder, or HSDD. These type of women, about 1 in 3 in the United States, have low levels of sexual desire and are even bothered by it at times.

In the mean time, for women that just want to get plain freaky in the bed, Addy isn’t for you.

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